What's on the design board?

I recently purchased the book, Quilts for Scrap Lovers which was written by my friend, Judy Gauthier. The book is amazing and perfect for me since I love scraps and modern fabrics and Judy's book represents both very well.

I started my first project from the book called Row Houses. The technique for making this quilt top is a little different as it uses applique to attach the houses to the background fabrics. So far it's been fun mixing the 'house' colors into rows.

I still need a few more background fabrics to complete my quilt top but I will take my time to make sure I find the right color values to compliment the rows that are already completed.


My New Bike

Before I had two major spine surgeries, I used to run. I ran a lot. And I biked. I had a triathlon bike that was a beautiful piece of equipment that suited my athletic lifestyle. I bought that bike thinking it would be the last bike I ever purchased. After all, it was very expensive and the investment had to last me a lifetime.

Little did I know at that time that everything would change so drastically. No more running and biking with my triathlon bike was impossible. Even though getting on a bike would be good exercise, the triathlon bike had clips instead of pedals that my shoes would snap into. When I tried to use them, I fell off the bike because I can't feel my feet. It's difficult to un-clip shoes from the pedals when you can't feel your feet. I also can't bend at the waist or lean over without lots of discomfort.

So I finally came to terms with the idea that I had to lose the triathlon bike and get something designed for my tattered body. And here is my newly acquired urban old-lady bike. I traded in my triathlon bike and got this little beauty. It allows me to sit upright and it even has a shock-absorber under the seat! I decided to make the best of it and I had a bike rack and basket put on the back. At least I can ride to the grocery store to pick up a few things so I will get some extra exercise in when I need to do errands.

She is a beauty, but I am still having a hard time coming to terms with all that I have lost.
Basil Basket


Floral 9-Patch Quilt - Completed

 I had so much leftover fabric in third quilt I made using these florals.

I simply sewed together the scraps making 9-patch blocks then put sashing between all the blocks.

I free-motioned the quilt and used the same backing and binding I used on my floral pinwheel quilt.

Both the quilts are have a pretty, soft look and I think they have great feminine appeal.


My Vegetable Garden

 My vegetable garden is in full swing these days. The hot weather over the past week has made everything just grow at a rapid pace.

I've been picking green beans every day and the peppers were so large, the plant was tipping on its side like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. And the cucumbers are so large already that I've picked 7 from one plant already.

It's been too hot to spend a lot of time outside, but my garden is benefiting greatly.


Floral Pinwheel Quilt - Completed

I finished my floral pinwheel quilt today. I free-motion quilted the layers of the quilt and added a nice floral binding to mimic all the colors of the blocks in the quilt.

It's been close to 90 degrees these days and since I am stuck in the air conditioning instead of getting to be outside, it seems like a great time to get a little quilting done.

I don't plan on spending a lot of summertime in my sewing room but sometimes the opportunity is right.


Pretty Little Party Dress

I finished my pretty little party dress project and since I had cut off the skirt part of the original dress, I thought I would make it into a cute little purse to match the dress.

The dress is now a party dress ready for a fancy event. I sure hope the recipient likes it. The photo does not clearly show the sparkle in the tulle or reflect how soft the cute little dress is.


Independence Day

We spend the 4th of July at the local legion post. We start the day enjoying the parade followed by kid's games at the post. Once the kids have exhausted the face painting, balloon animal making and all the other fun things to do, we head home for picnic then come back for the fireworks.

This year's events were held under perfect weather conditions. No rain, not too hot or not too cold. It was absolutely perfect.


What's on the design board?

Here we are in the midst of summer, and I have to admit, I have not spent much time in my sewing room. I have an organic garden to maintain and I recently had a landscaping project in the works. I really love spending time outdoors in the summer so I never feel any angst about not sewing.

I have been working on a special project over the past few weeks. It's a cute little tea dress that has some paint stains on the front that won't come out. So I am modifying the dress into a pretty party dress. The colors of the dress are quite unique. The dress is not quite red and not quite pink or peach. It falls in-between the standard color wheel in such pretty tones that they are not easy to match. So instead of looking for a specific type of fabric I let chose what was available in the shades that matched the dress. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

The colors are soft and muted just like the stripe in the original dress. And since it will be a party dress, I found a nice shade of tulle to go over the top of the skirt. So so pretty. I love the drapey feel of the fabric. It has a nice soft feel to it as well. That will definitely help keep the scratchy tulle layer away from a little girl's skin.

For the entire month of July I don't expect to have anything on the design board, there's just too much to do outdoors. However, I can't wait to put this little dress all together.

Floral Pinwheel Quilt

I have two quilts prepped and ready for some free-motion quilting. I love the pretty colors in the quilts, and I am thrilled that I used the leftovers from my mother's quilt to make these.

It sure keeps the costs low when I can use up every bit of fabric available. Now I just hope to find the time to actually quilt them. After all, it is summer and there's so much to do outside, these just might have to wait for a rainy day.


Client Free-Motion Quilting Projects

I've had 7 projects to free-motion quilt for some of my clients. These were all table runners and table toppers from a class that some of the ladies took last month.

I'm pretty certain these ladies do not need the classes, they just use them as an opportunity to socialize more than learn new skills. Their work is great, so that's why I don't think they really need the classes.

They are a bit afraid to try to quilt their projects on their own so they farm them out to me which I love. It gives me the opportunity to hone my free-motion skills and get more practice in on these small projects.

Funny thing about these projects is that even though they are small, it was a bit overwhelming to have 7 of them handed to me all at once! I am happy to report that I got them ready for binding rather promptly.


Happiness is . . .

Happiness is spending afternoons with my granddaughters on beautiful summer days.

The warm days are limited here in Wisconsin so we have to take advantage of every moment. We play in the pool whenever we can and the girls absolutely love the water.


Mod Squad Quilt - Completed

I completed my Mod Squad quilt today. I love how the modern fabrics complemented this pattern. When I made the quilt top I inadvertently made an extra block. So I incorporated it into the back of the quilt.

I quilted this quilt using a straight-line quilting technique. I needed to use my walking foot for a change instead of my free-motion foot.  It was a nice change of pace.

The quilting complemented the fabric and the pattern perfectly. I love modern quilting and really like the results.