Patchwork Quilt Top

I came across a simple quilt block pattern. All it took was 35 10-inch squares of fabric cut into 2 pieces. Those pieces were then mixed up then sewn to another piece. Then those blocks were cut in half and mixed up to sew two different halves together. Then the fun began. The blocks were arranged and re-arranged until they made a pleasing pattern.

Since I used scrap fabrics to make the 10-inch squares, I don't think the results made a very pretty quilt top. It is really scrappy which was my intention and even though the colors coordinated, I'm not so sure about the result.

I think I will set it aside and make another attempt using the same pattern. It took less than a day to put it all together so I don't mind trying again. Maybe with the next one I will use more muted colors. I certainly have plenty of scraps to make plenty of 10-inch squares.


Churn Dash Quilt - Completed

I made a churn dash quilt over the past few weeks. I've had a desire to make some simple quilts using traditional blocks so I hope to make a few varieties during the year.

I used a tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company. The tutorial was simple to follow and so basic, I really think they missed one important step though - squaring up the blocks once they were completed. I made sure I did do that to make it right.

The quilt went together rather quickly and I free-motion quilted which is also pretty fast. This quilt is in soft, pretty colors and will be a nice one to cuddle under.


What's on the design board?

Last month was filled with a lot of stressful events. Taxes due, funerals...yes that is plural, plus many more little things like spring cleaning, volunteer projects and some babysitting. I've been taking on lots of extra work and it's taking it's toll on my sewing and my mental health. I don't see May as a slower month either. I need to paint my kitchen and hire someone to do some landscaping in my back yard. Then there's the garden- it will be planting season soon. Even though it's hard work, I do love it. 
As for the design board, I started a project called Mod Squad. I picked out 13 fat quarters and in less than two days, I had all my blocks made. The pattern is from the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Fresh Quilts. I spent the day sewing the blocks together and in a few hours I had the entire quilt top completed.

This was definitely a fast and easy quilt top to make. In fact I miscounted and accidentally made an extra block. It's going to be fun to pick out the backing...and incorporate that extra block in it.


Day's of '47 Quilt - Completed

I finished my mom's quilt and it's ready for mothers' day. It's so nice to have a gift ready for her.

This quilt was a little challenging - not because it was difficult to put together but because there were so many different pieces. Keeping things organized was an important step in making this quilt.

I really enjoyed working with the pretty pastel colors. Once the top was done, I felt like I had more fabric left over than what I used in the quilt top. So I pieced the back together using all the fabric that was left.

I haven't made the quilt label yet, but there's plenty of time to get that done.


Days of '47 Quilt - WIP

Triple-Play Scrap Quilting
I finished sewing my quilt top together late last week and I finally have the opportunity to quilt it. I was so anxious to get to this point.

I used all the leftover pieces from the blocks to piece together the back instead of using one large fabric piece. So that process took a little longer than I had planned as well adding to my excitement to get to the quilting part.

Triple-Play Scrap QuiltingOnce I had my quilt top, batting and backing pinned together, I was ready to roll. I wound 3 bobbins full of a nice light pink thread and got started.

As soon as I quilted my first few blocks my little helper came to investigate. I think there's something about the hum of the machine and the vibration on the table top that attracts Ruxin to the quilts. He never cares much about my sewing until I am free-motion quilting. Then he is right there to help. And although I would worry if this were a client project, but I think he will be ok just hanging out with me.


Quilting Client Projects

I spent the last week prepping table runner and table topper quilt sandwiches for some free-motion quilting.

These are all client projects. Each one required a unique combination of thread colors, both front and back so I did have the pleasure of choosing those colors.

They are all beautiful and unique projects. And the ladies who made them did some great work in both choosing the fabric color combinations and their sewing skills.

It was a pleasure to help them out so they can complete their projects quickly without the stress of worrying about the quilting process.

Client Projects - Ready for Delivery


Days of '47 Quilt - WIP

My 'Days of '47' quilt is coming along nicely. I've decided that it would make a wonderful mothers' day gift for my mom. So I have a deadline that will be easy to meet, sort of a stress-free work in progress.
Simplicity fabric by 3 Sisters for ModaThe colors in this quilt top are very pretty. I now have to decide on the sashing color. Should it be a darker color or a lighter color? I just don't know yet. Maybe this project isn't going to be as stress-free as I thought it would be.


Backyard Fun Quilt - Completed

Backyard Fun Quilt Pattern
This quilt was made using a fabric line called Monkey Business and the pattern Backyard Fun. The pattern can be found in the book, Precut Quilts by Janie Lou.

I loved the little sock monkeys and the colors of the fabrics so I just had to make something cute with the fabrics. This is a baby quilt that measures "42 x 58".

I really didn't have anyone in mind when I made this quilt so I will be putting it up for sale. Unless someone is having a baby just never know about these things.


Mod Squad Quilt - WIP

I love to purchase fat quarters at quilt shows. And of course, after a while they start to stack up. So I am always perusing books and magazines for patterns that specifically call for fat quarters.

I found this perfect pattern from the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Fresh Quilts magazine. The pattern is called Mod Squad and uses 13 fat quarters.

I've been dying to find the right pattern for what I've labeled my science nerd fabrics. So I pulled out 17 fat quarters that blend nicely. The funny thing is that I put together the fat quarters before I found this pattern.

So the first thing I had to do was eliminate 4 of the fat quarters from the bundle I created. Once I settled on that, I started to read the instructions closely and I didn't even realize that the fabrics I was using were similar to the ones in the magazine!

I did mean for that to happen but I think that will take away some of my anxiety in worrying about how this quilt will turn out. I can't wait to get started on it.


What's on the design board?

I've had this charm pack of shirting fabrics for quite some time. It was given to me by a friend who had a large stash that she was purging.

I thought I would use it to make a lap quilt for the Veteran's group but now that I've sewn them together, I found there weren't enough squares to make anything substantial in side.

So now I'm thinking it might make the beginnings of a cute tote bag...or maybe I can find more shirting fabrics and put a few borders around it and it could be a lap quilt.

Right now, it's just going to hang out on the design board just because the colors are soothing.


March - Goes Out Like a Lion...

There's that old saying about March,,,and I must say it really does apply. This year March came in like a lamb and went out like a lion. These photos are proof! At the beginning of the month we had some nice comfortable teaser days but now that it's the end of the month, we've been waking up to temperatures in the teens. I'm just happy to see the buds on the trees and lilac bushes and the robins making their nests. I did go buy my vegetable seeds in preparation for the nice weather to come. I do love spring!
March 9

March 26


Free-Motion Quilting - A Client Project

Batik Table TopperIt seems that I've found a little niche from attending open sews. There are a group of wonderful ladies that like to make table runners and baby quilts but they are terrified of the quilting process.

They do beautiful work and I would call them advanced beginners (if that makes any sense). So with that said, they love it when I do the free motion quilting on their projects. I do it cheaply because I just want the practice and they love how quickly they get their projects back. So I got this project yesterday and today I got it quilted.

I am so happy to help and also appreciate the extra income. It pretty much pays for my quilt show "habit". There's always something worth buying from the vendors at those shows so it's nice to feel like I am not digging into the family budget for my fabric habit. All I can say is keep 'em coming, ladies! And thank you for letting me help you get your projects completed.