Quilting Project on the Machine

Free-Motion Quilting
I finished another client project today. I started quilting it yesterday while my granddaughters were here. I was worried that they would need lots of attention because they usually do right after school. I fed them their supper and that seemed to settle them down so it turned out to be pretty easy to do.

Avery hung out with her grandpa and Chloe sat at my computer desk next to my sewing table and played one of her online games. We chatted while I did some free-motion quilting. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

This morning I thought I would finish it to both get it off my machine and my to-do list. I am happy I can give it back to its owner this week!


Client Project - An Antique Quilt

Today I worked on an interesting project. It's a very, very old quilt. I received it in a box that has definitely aged. Inside the box, there were finished basket blocks made from men's shirts. The setting squares were made from a pink calico floral fabric. They were stacked nicely in the box. The box also included a pink calico floral border with half-squares attached to the borders. Yes, the borders were finished before the blocks were sewn together.

The first thing I did was get out my seam ripper and take the border/half-square triangles apart and stacked them up. Then, I rearranged the blocks with the help of a quilting friend. Sue and I arranged and re-arranged the basket blocks until we had a reasonable layout. I quickly snapped a photo of the arrangement before I started sewing the blocks together.

I ironed each block out carefully. After all the fabrics were pretty delicate due to their aging. I mean the yellowing, aged fabrics and the thinner spots in the floral print were signs of how old this quilt is. I then squared up the blocks before sewing them together. Some had to be stretched a little because the piecing was a little off. I got the whole thing sewn together the worked on adding the borders. Much to my dismay, they were too short to complete the quilt top. That was disappointing. It also explained why the pieces were in the box; I bet the sewist knew there was an issue.

So now I have to think a little about how to resolve this issue. The client really wants this heirloom completed. It has so much sentimental value. Now that the top is sewn together, I will have to give them a quote on the backing, batting, quilting and binding.


Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and I had a wonderful day filled with family and love. I really felt like a queen. Spending time with my mother, sister, daughter, granddaughters, husband and son made the day perfect.

My husband made me a wonderful breakfast. My son brought be the beautiful flowers. And my daughter and granddaughters spent the afternoon with me while visiting my mother and sister.

My sister made this amazing cheesecake and I added some fresh strawberries and whipped cream to it. There are none better than her cheesecakes.


Quilting Project on the Machine

This is my second client project this month. I'll finish the quilting on this today and then I have a little project to complete for a client in Illinois. After that I have another quilting project to complete by next week.

I have a very large quilt project coming up where I'll take antique quilt blocks and piece them together with setting squares and add a border. Then I'll have to quilt it and add the binding. After that, I have another quilt to complete.

My client projects are keeping me pretty busy and I am really enjoying the variety in them. I love sewing!


Quilting Project on the Machine

I have a quilting project on the machine today. I promised that I would get two baby quilts quilted by Saturday.

I purchased the batting today and did my best to get them pinned and ready. I've got half of the quilting completed on one of them already and I am happy with my progress so far.


City Sampler 100 Layout Plans

The Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 quilt blocks need to be sorted. I have to decide how to lay out each of the blocks. I am certain I don't want to just go from block #1 to #100. I am not certain exactly what to do. I'm thinking about an arrangement where like colors are all together. Maybe with 10 rows of 10 blocks...or maybe not.

I will try an arrangement where all the colors are intermingled to see how that looks but I have to say, moving around 100 blocks can be pretty exhausting! I think I will get some opinions from the family to see what they think.

I also might try to stack them up with more blocks in some rows and less in others so it looks like a city. Once I decide on a layout, it should be pretty easy to sew everything together, I just need to make that final decision. It sure was fun to make these blocks and some of them I will definitely make again.


My Small World Quilt Project

I completed the 16 2-inch pinwheels for the My Small World quilt project. I thought it would be difficult to sew such very small blocks but I pressed open the seams of the half-square triangles that make up the pinwheels and that really helped keep the bulk to a minimum.

It was great fun to choose the color combinations for the little pinwheel blocks. They are so much smaller than the 3 pinwheel blocks I made for this quilt earlier. Now I will start on some of the paper-pieced little blocks.

Every part of this quilt project is a bit of a challenge and I look forward to learning from each and every part of this process.


What's on the design board?

I have this one lonely block on my design board today. I've dug up the 182 day winter solstice project and completed the block for week #12. The block is called Buckeye Beauty.

Currently, my view on this project is that it's become the thing I work on when I am between projects. I think I like the blocks with the least amount of white in the backgrounds. I just might re-do some of the earlier blocks. I am pretty sure that will help turn my lack of interest into enthusiasm.

The My Small World project is still in the works and I am at the point where I have to do some hand applique. I look forward to honing my hand sewing skills.


Happiness is . . .

Happiness is the view from my sewing room window. It's been raining since 4:00 yesterday afternoon and it is still an amazing view. Especially since spring is here and everything is turning green.

The trees are budding and seeing the fenced-in garden reminds me that I can start thinking about planting vegetables. I've already planned out where things will be planted and I've made a list of seeds and plants I need to purchase. It's still a bit early to actually do the planting but it's fun to think about it.

Even through the gloomy day, I love this view.


My Small World Project

Yesterday I cleaned my sewing room. I love how nice it looks once all my fabrics are organized and put away. All the notions are stashed away and there's no more piles of batting and other stuff laying about. It's like starting with a clean slate. I even took all my city blocks off my design board. The room even feels brighter.

I thought I would take the opportunity to make a few more blocks for the my small world project. There are so many very small blocks in this quilt that I've decided to work on it a little at a time. The quilt has seven sections and I am still on section 1. I'm really not in a hurry to finish it, I want to enjoy the process and take my time. It sure is fun to mix new colors into the project.

This will definitely be a long-term project. I'm thinking maybe I can complete it by the end of summer. That feels like a reasonable goal. For now, I will work on the pinwheel blocks. I need to make 3 4-inch pinwheel blocks and 16 2-inch blocks.


The 100th Block

I completed my version of block #46 for the City Sampler. This is the final block so I now have all 100 ready to go! It feels so good to accomplish this very unplanned project.

Sometimes just winging it can be a challenge that doesn't work out to well but in this case, I really like the results. I can't wait to pick out the background fabric and set the blocks in place


Block #46

I am finally at the finish line with my 100 city blocks project. I am proud to say that using the charm pack, layer cake and jelly roll that I won a few months back, I managed to get all the blocks made.

That is all except one. That one block number 46 where I need 8 3-and-a-half inch squares - 4 from one fabric and 4 from a second fabric. The problem is that I only have pieces left 2-and-a-half inches wide or smaller. I really did not plan this out very well.

Actually, I didn't plan it out at all. I just decided to wing it. So I think I did pretty well all things considered. But for this last block, block number 46 I was at a loss.

My daughter stopped by to see my progress. I really think she wants this quilt when it's done. I had to remove blocks 1 through 40 from my design board. There's just not enough room to hold all 100 blocks on the board. So I could show here blocks 41 through 100.

When I told her my dilemma with block number 46 she says, "why don't you just cut 2-and-a-half-inch squares since that's all you have then put a border around the whole thing"? That is just genius. I guess I never thought about deviating from the book. But I really think that would be better than purchasing two fat quarters just to complete this project. Especially since I have enough jelly roll sized pieces to make it work.

Tomorrow I will get that last block completed so I can get to work planning on my layout. I also have to choose my background fabric. I'm not sure what color it will be, I just know it will be a solid. It's always fun choosing fabrics and I really look forward to it. So here are my blocks starting with block number 41 through block number 100 minus block 46!